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We are a full service design company that specializes in commercial interior design and architecture. Our focus is in the hospitality industry.

Our focus is on creating holistic design solutions that respond to each client’s commercial objectives and site specific needs. We believe design should include an emotional meaning and offer a complete memorable customer experience. To achieve them successfully, it requires more than just aesthetic forms. It also needs inspired strategic thinking, a holistic approach to execution and a fanatical attention to detail.

We always approach the design of hospitality venues not just from our clients’ perspective but also from that of their eventual customers. This leads us to create warm and enjoyable places that encourage visitors to stay and to return.

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We opened a new Amarillo restaurant in Lappeenranta, in the historically and culturally significant Pankkitalo that was built in 1914.
Our partner in the interior design was Visionary Design Partners Helsinki and Jaana Ekman. This was our first project so far with VPD Helsinki but we immediately found common ground in our first meeting. The project went on in good cooperation and as an end result we got a functional and stunningly beautiful restaurant that has been extremely well received by our customers. We were delighted in Jaana’s uncompromising and dedicated approach to this important project of ours. She was by our side through the whole construction phase right up to the opening of the restaurant. I can warmly recommend VPD Helsinki for demanding and ambitious restaurant projects.

Aleksi Vuorinne, Divisional Director, Etelä-Karjalan Osuuskauppa

We’ve done many restaurant projects together with Jaana Ekman over the years. It is not just about her skillful design work, but also her ability to manage the overall project management. Jaana has an exceptional ability to create beautiful and sensual spaces. Every decorative detail has been carefully thought out. The project was completed with great sense of style, efficiency and attention to detail, I would highly recommend Jaana & VDPHelsinki for any project.

Tanja VirtanenCBO, Food restaurants, NoHo Partners Plc.

Jaana Ekman of Visionary Design Partners Helsinki designed an interior design concept for Makaronitehdas according to the agreed framework. Our cooperation has been fruitful and it will continue within our future projects. Jaana designs beautiful, exceptional and cozy restaurants. She understood exactly what we were looking for in the interior design and project planning. We are very satisfied with our cooperation.

Merja Rahkola-Toivanen & Juha ToivanenOwners of Hangon Makaronitehdas

Amarillo has a long and productive history. It was wonderful to start Amarillo’s new era here in Kuopio, were the second oldest Amarillo resides. It was great to witness the intensity of a professional design company and their important role in the whole project. In collaboration with SOK, Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Oy and Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä, we were able to create a successful update and with this update, we are able to bring new experiences to our customers in Kuopio. Dishes that encourage social dining, fresh mexican food, compelling milieu and service that is memorable are in the leading role. At the same time, the whole chain is stepping in to a new era, when all Amarillo’s are undergoing an extensive renewal.

Ville PuustinenDivisional Director, Osuuskauppa Peeässä: tourism and hospitality

Cooperation with Visionary Design Partners Helsinki has gone brilliantly – all the way from briefing to the final inspection. We set the bar for the experienced Jaana Ekman to the highest possible level, as we told her we wanted “something homey, but also elegant with respect to ecological materials and our earthy brand”. The end result has been praised by our most important target group – which is our customers – by both the Finnish and international media and by bloggers. Thank you sincerely for this rewarding cooperation. Our goal of creating an approachable place was indeed met: our sauna-restaurant is easy to access and anyone can come here to relax and enjoy themselves

Pasi Rautanen, JP Pajunen & Ville IivonenThe owners of Saunaravintola Kuuma

MASU Asian Bistro is a restaurant that Jaana Ekman designed for me and Gastromax Inc. succeeded beyond our expectations. A matching interior, budget and schedule worked as planned, and the result was strikingly handsome. I can honestly say that I am more than proud and happy that for once, the designer was able to get the job done. We got to experience this first weekend of practice, since only two days after the opening of MASU Asian Bistro, the restaurant was really crowded and everything seemed to be working. At the same time, we noticed the most important thing, which is that our customers really enjoyed the restaurant very well. Therefore, I would highly recommend the services of Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Inc. to all of you, who are currently planning to reform the existing premises of your business or perhaps starting a completely new business. You will not be disappointed!

Hans VälimäkiThe only chef with two Michelin stars in Finland

The state of will and implementation in the Lipporanta common spaces was in line with the desired vision. We are pleased with the end result. VDPHelsinki Oy stayed within the budget while also achieving a beautiful and harmonious result. This was the first phase of a communal lounge area, which includes a gaming space, banquet and conference facilities, guest room, playroom and sauna, changing rooms and a entrance hall and toilets. Next year, the second phase of the common room will be opened. It includes a gym, a space for socializing, a lounge and a bathroom.

Ilkka kerolaCEO, COR Group Inc.

VDPHelsinki and Jaana Ekman were a natural choice when picking a partner and designer to renew the heart of our hotel, which is the reception and lobby. Jaana understood our vision and honored our wishes as she combined them with her own view to make a stunning whole. Jaana has done great works before, so we knew the end result would be great – and it truly is. Along the way we asked Jaana to also design sauna facilities, a few conference rooms and the revamp of the historical Puikkari. Working with Jaana has been both easy and inspiring, as we share the same passion for our work and thus understand each other well. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a true professional such as Jaana.

Johanna VäätäinenGeneral Manager, Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi

Our partnership in creating a new café concept for Linkosuo worked really well straight from the start. We chose a professional partner and we sure got one. The new Café Linkosuo Ratina is exactly the kind of modern mix between a cafe-restaurant and a bistro that we imagined it could be. VDPHelsinki carried out the concept just as we had illustrated!

Kimmo NurmiCEO, Kahvila Linkosuo Inc.

Tikkari-Talo “the Lollipop House” in English in Vaasanpuistikko has had many different functions including various different restaurant concepts. Now the new era reinvented Amarillo and the completely new concept “Butcher & Banker” have brought Tikkari-talo to life like never before. The joint project of KPO, VPDHelsinki and SOK cooperative was truly intriguing one and the common intent and determination led to an amazing end result. It was truly a real pleasure to work with VPDHelsinki on a project, where a unique vision was actually realized.

Riku AsukasDivisional Director, Osuuskauppa KPO, Tourism and Hospitality

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