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The calendar year of interior design is full of interesting & inspiring events and exhibitions, but two of them are special. The first starting the year in every January is the MAISON OBJET in Paris.

Maison Objet

But before you pack your suitcases and hope on a plane to Paris, there is something you should do first. Prepare and make a plan of your days at the exhibition in advance, why? There is so much to see. The fair area consists of total of 8 halls each of them is about the size of several football fields.

But once you have arrived and you have your game plan ready it´s fairly easy to navigate from one hall or isle to another.


It might be first a bit overwhelming to try to digest all the beautiful materials and products you see but if you have a clear plan what to see and where to go it will work out just fine.

Here are few pics from the exhibition for you to enjoy. This years exhibition offered again great inspiration and the chance to see, feel and touch number of materials & products which might end up in our future design projects.

ps. The other annual event is in April and takes place in Milan, it´s the Salone del Mobile, see you there.

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