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Amarillo Kuopio

Restaurant Amarillo’s story begins deep within the heart of Texas. Amarillo’s chefs have traveled all over Texas criss-cross and they have sat on campfires on both sides of the Rio Grande river, so that they can provide the Amarillo customers with the best Tex-Mex fiesta. 

VDP Helsinki has re-designed completely the Amarillo restaurants interior concept. Amarillo Kuopio will be the launch restaurant for the new interior design concept. The doors will be opened in early 2017.


The 5th. modern gaming club of the Feel Vegas chain will be opened in Kuopio in early January 2017. Feel Vegas gaming clubs are tastefully decorated entertainment spaces providing a full range of gaming services as well as an versatile dining and entertainment options. The gaming selection includes for example Vegas Blackjack, Roulette, Dynamic Poker and Poker tables. There is also over 50 slot machines.

The club will be located right in the city center, on the same premises with the restaurant Amarillo. In the interior design we have focused particularly on ensuring smooth and effortless movement through the space for customers to enjoy the versatile entertainment options. Equally important is to offer to the customers a holistic comfortable and seamless experience in this entertainment center.

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Feel vegas

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