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Teurastamo Portti is not just any average restaurant but it’s Roslund’s butcher shop and bistro in Teurastamo’s picturesque gatehouse. Teurastamo Portti was opened in 2012, where in addition to the familiar butcher shop selection, you can get a delicious home-cooked lunch and meaty dishes prepared on the charcoal grill.

Did you know that Butcher´s Shop Roslund is a family business founded in 1935 and today the company is run by the fourth generation.

In the spring of 2021 Teurastamo Portti will be re-introduced to it’s customers completely renewed both inside & outside. We are super happy & honoured to work in close co-operation with the Roslund family in this one of kind project. Keep following the progress of the project on Instagram.

There are two huge terrace areas on each side of the building and both of them will get a brand new look and feel in the revamp process.

Hello chef! Sorry but your old refrigerated display case will have to go to give room for something new and very special. Stay tuned boys.

Easily the best burgers in Helsinki, guaranteed! Same tastes & flavors but served in a completely new look and feel environment, coming up in Summer 2021.

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