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About us

We are a full service design company that specializes in commercial interior design and architecture. Our focus is in the hospitality industry.


The Company

Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Inc. is a design company founded in 2012.  We offer design services from conception to completion. We specialise in creating cutting-edge spaces for commercial environments. It is our constant effort to set standards for exceptional, bold and visionary design innovations in interior design.

We believe in the strength of ideas and the power of relationships. We partner only with some of the most forward thinking and reliable suppliers and operators in the business. Our skills and longtime experience in planning, sourcing, and purchasing, supported by our project management, are as important to the execution of our projects as our creative vision. We offer an exceptional level of project management, design quality and best value of services to our clients throughout all stages of design and construction.

However, of equal value are the testimonials from satisfied clients and the number of ongoing relationships that have built up over the years. Projects are undertaken efficiently, quickly and with superb liaison and client satisfaction. We are proud to say that many of our clients have rehired us, since they understand and appreciate design as a profitable value to their business.

We have designed and executed hundreds of restaurant and other commercial projects in the hospitality and leisure industry in the past 10 years. Over that time we have developed a portfolio that illustrates our considerable experience in designing public spaces as well as selected high end private residences and office spaces.

There are very few companies like us – we love what we do and we’re very good at it – we’d love to work with you.

Visionary Design Partners Helsinki Oy belongs to the highest class in the Rating Classification AAA® in 2023. The AAA® rating is a sign of the company’s creditworthiness, reliability and good payment behavior.



We create unique, timeless and 
inviting spaces in commercial environments

Fact No.

01. We love what we do

We are passioned about what we do and we are committed and focused on every single project

Fact No.

02. We are experienced

We have successfully executed over 200 individual projects and we have tens of satisfied clients

Fact No.

03. We love interior design

We create unique, timeless and inviting spaces in commercial environments

Fact No.

04. We are experts

We partner only with the best and the most reliable partners and suppliers, that will save money and time

Fact No.

05. We are punctual

We are punctual. Punctuality is an essence – it allows us to stay within budget and save valuable time

Fact No.

06. We make you happy

We are fun to work with and we will put a smile on your face. We will exceed your expectations

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