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The Kotikatu 365 project in Lipporanta, Oulu has been really interesting and rewarding residential project to work in close co-operating with the developers. Most importantly the feedback from the “end users” the residents has been overwhelming.

In the media

So far Kotikatu 365 has been very unique project in Finland. One of those unique aspects are the community spaces we had the pleasure to design. The community spaces are the largest introduced in the Finnish residential market so far.

The level of everyday life quality and enjoyment these spaces have greated to the residents have also been covered in the media. read the full story (in Finnish) at Here

Next phase in the project

Also the local Oulu region media & newspaper Kaleva published an article about Kotikatu 365 and Lohiranta building. Read the whole article (in Finnish): Here

Visit also our PROJECTS page for more detailed information and a lot of pictures from the versatile community spaces all designed by VDP Helsinki

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