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Green plants & pots

Small or large, spiky or round-leaved. Different plants and pots are used to create different atmospheres

Green walls & space dividers

A green wall is an impressive way to bring the freshness of nature indoors. Both green walls and their little siblings, space dividers, are living artworks that will make your space memorable

Luwasa Vihersisustus in brief

Luwasa Vihersisustus is a Finnish company specializing in green interior design, passionately crafting living spaces since 1969. Their expertise in hydroponics—a soil-free cultivation method—allows them to create allergy-friendly and visually striking green installations, offering a cost-effective and polished choice for public spaces​​​​.
+358 400 920 080
Kehäkuja 6

FI-05460 Hyvinkää

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