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The redbrick Verkatehdas in Tampere operated in the downstream of Tammerkoski in the city center of Tampere from the middle of the 19th century, all the way until the late 1970’s. After the factory ceased of operations, the large factory area was demolished and the shopping center Koskikeskus was built, for example.

Only two buildings survived the demolition spree in the 1970’s: The old dye-works building, which serves now as an arts and crafts center and the building next to it, located between Tammerkoski and Hatanpään valtatie (highway). It originally served as an office building for Verkatehdas and later on as a home for several managers and their families. Nowadays the building is better known as Matkailutalo, since the city’s tourist office was located in the building for several decades. In the autumn of 2013, the city of Tampere decided to abandon this beautiful city palace and put the building for sale. In the spring of 2014 Restamax Oyj bought the building and so the planning of the renewal of the building was started.

In a costruction site meeting with foreman Birger Blomqvist and with Jesse Tikkala, whose company is taking care of he electrical work. the picture is taken in summer 2014.

Our company is responsible for the space planning, interior design and overall management of the Matkailutalo-project. The project is extremely interesting and challenging, since the building is partly protected by Museovirasto. Also, it is rare in Finland to get to work in a modification project of a historic building of this kind.

The downstairs will get a bistro-type restaurant and a pub-restaurant for the joint venture of top chef Hans Välimäki and Restamax Oyj. In addition, there will be gorgeous terraces built on the sides of the building, on which the customers may enjoy the beautiful, historic view accompanied with the evening sunshine. The upstairs will be renovated with new headquarters for Restamax Oyj.

The restaurants will open their doors later in the autumn 2014. You can follow the progress of this unique project on our company’s Facebook page and Twitter; we will post pictures from different work phases during the autumn.

Here is a few pictures taken on the last week of October 2014. The work is well in progress: new surfaces are emerging fast, the air condition installation work is proceeding, the electrical and plumbing work is already well under way and the frames of the bars have already been installed, for example.

The upstairs of the Matkailutalo where the headquarters will be located in. The work is well under progress. The new head quarters premises for Restamax Plc. will be completed in a couple of weeks.

The last missing piece of the puzzle is the terrace area in this project. The really cool terrace area is located in the inner courtyard side of the building and the second terrace area is located around the far corner of the building facing the Tammerkoski rapid allowing amazing views along the banks of Tammerkoski from the terrace.

The terrace will complete this awesome project, it will be ready in July 2015.

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