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Rosso Jyväskylä
Fixed & special furniture

bespoke sofas & bar counters

Special furniture

bespoke shelving, cabinets & lockers

Special furniture

bespoke tables and table tops


chairs, tables, bar stools, sofas, interior lighting etc.

Palokan Puutuote in brief

We manufacture and install special furniture in public spaces all over Finland. Our expertise includes furnishing of hotels and restaurants, public corporate premises such as reception and service points. Interior design and furnishing work for gas stations and cafés. We also have experience in furnishing various specially furnished spaces such as libraries, churches, spas, museums and theaters.
Projektisisustus WM Oy operates as our partner in furnishing projects of public spaces and in delivery of interior products.
+358 10 321 2440
Lehesmäentie 10

FI-40270 Palokka

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