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New Amarillo Mylly, Raisio

Amarillo is evolving, and soon, every restaurant will embody a youthful, fresh, and vibrant atmosphere. The new Amarillo concept unites friends and strangers alike, creating a communal experience where everyone can enjoy their time together. With a focus on community, experience, and comfort, the new Amarillo radiates an energetic and straightforward style.

Located in the largest shopping centre in Southwest Finland, Shopping Centre Mylly in Raisio, the new Amarillo offers a much-anticipated dining option for local residents and an enticing destination for travelers and shoppers. The role of restaurants has grown significantly in recent years, serving not just as dining venues but as places for joyful togetherness. Expectations for food quality and ambiance have risen, and Amarillo aims to meet these with excellence.

Our design for Amarillo Mylly Raisio aims to provide a lively and welcoming space where guests can relax after shopping, enjoy meals with family, or gather with friends. Whether dropping by after work or spending an evening out, the new Amarillo promises to be a communal living room for all, brightening everyday life with great food and a dynamic atmosphere.


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