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Deliberi has arrived to Jumbo

Deliberi is a fresh Deli-Restaurant concept that offers delicacies for sweet & savory desires. Deliberi is a Finnish family business that always wants to offer the very best to its customers. You can choose tasty snacks or Bites as they are called in Deliberi from an ample assortment all available on the display case, or order tasty food options from the menu. Deliberi at jumbo shopping centre in Vantaa offers also fresh and generous size Delberi signature bowls and delicious burgers. Let’s not forget the Bubbles and Bites.

Deliberi is a family of seven restaurants located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in Turku.  VDP Helsinki has designed the latest addition to this family which is located at Jumbo shopping centre in Vantaa.

The principle of our design was to create and promote a multi-sensory and biophilic experience. The design emphasized the use of genuine natural materials, marble, tiles and wood, as well as rattan in the furniture. The color palette is soothing. Something for all the senses. The experience is complemented by green plants to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the space.



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Photo credit. Pasi Haaranen

Deliberi Flamingo