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Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel new room

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel will present the renewed rooms and the new living room kind lobby area in early next year. The whole interior transformation will be completed by the end of March 2017. The interior design renewal of this iconic Finnish hotel located in the center of Turku will be performed by VDP Helsinki. The basic idea of the hotel interior transformation is to provide customers with even more individuality, comfort and everyday luxury.

“The hotel room color schemes and the materials have been chosen to support the desired customer experience. The color combinations and the feel of the materials, as well as the lighting effect reflects on the environment and combine to create a whole that caresses the senses”, says interior designer Jaana Ekman.

(Photo credit: Turun Osuuskauppa)

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel new materials

The new lobby facilities will offer a new type of living room for travellers and locals in the middle of the city, at the meeting point of urban and natural environments. Combined with a magnificent view over the river, the comfortable, insightfully designed interior creates a unique urban setting.

“The lobby is intended to be a versatile facility. It combines privacy and a sense of community in a manner that allows guests and visitors to enjoy themselves or focus on work on their own or in a group,” says Jaana.

Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel new materials

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