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High-quality single-strip and design parquets from Finland

Timberwise in brief

Domestic parquet manufacturer Timberwise is the first flooring manufacturer to receive the Allergy Label nominated by Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation. To date, no other flooring manufacturer has received the Allergy Label and therefore, Timberwise believes this will raise awareness for the importance of clean indoor air and of selecting floorings. Timberwise Oy, a Finnish family-owned company located in Loimaa, has been manufacturing high-quality single-strip parquets since the year 1999. Manufacturing high-quality single-strip parquets, i.e. plank parquets, and design floors is our special area of expertise. Timberwise, known for their premium-quality parquets, invests in quality, safety and domesticity.
+358 2 763 6420
Juvantie 222, PL 99,

FI-32201 Loimaa

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