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Discover Bistro O Mat Hakaniemi: Elevated Dining in Helsinki

Bistro O Mat Hakaniemi opened its doors in September 2023 on the 9th floor of the brand new Lyyra block in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

High above the bustling Hakaniemi area, there is a place where stunning views and delicious taste experiences come together. Welcome to Bistro O Mat Hakaniemi-Roof Top restaurant, where you can savor both the charm of being up high and sophisticated culinary delights. Hakaniemi Bistro O Mat continues the same theme as the Bistro O Mat family restaurants located in Kirkkonummi and Tapiola, with an added international touch.

The clients naturally had their own wishes and mood board images that served as the basis for our design. Marko and Päivi trusted our vision from the very beginning, which felt extremely gratifying. We immediately connected with them, making the design process much smoother. We wanted the space to be exciting and experiential but not overly formal; instead, it should be a cheerful, colorful, and inviting environment with many details to engage all the senses. We have invested heavily in the details of our design, and our projects are bolder than average, emphasizing experiential and multisensory aspects. We boldly used colors that bring a fun and joyful atmosphere to the space.

In an age dominated by Instagram and visual storytelling, we understand the importance of creating an environment that not only dazzles in person but also shines through the lens of your smartphone. The role of restaurant design adding the sensoric dimension in the customer experience will become even more significant in the future. Customers are willing to pay more for exceptional experiences, and multisensory, experiential restaurant spaces will play an increasingly important role in the future to live up to those expectations.


Bistro O Mat

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